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I read a story on Facebook about a mother and daughter (7 years old) on a normal local shopping trip that quickly took a dangerous turn.

I read a story on Facebook about a mother and daughter (7 years old) on a normal local shopping trip that quickly took a dangerous turn.

They were shopping for shoes, laughing and enjoying their time together. But as they walked past a row of cars to get to their own, a man came up behind them and grabbed the daughter.

Luckily they had this small alarm device (Self Defense Siren) with them, and the mother was able to quickly pull the pin from the device, causing the alarm to sound. It scared the perp, alerted people in the area and mall security was able to detain the guy until police arrived.

Great story right? I know I didn’t re-tell it all that great and as I was reading it, it felt made-up, but I kept picturing myself or wife in that situation, and really, anything involving the kids, I’m going to want to do everything in my ability to protect them.

As I’m not usually one to fall for just anything I read online, and there was no associated news article or source, it’s the same type of situation that doesn’t necessarily need one. I mean, these things DO happen and there may not always be a happy ending to ‘report’.

I’ve even temporarily lost sight of my kid in a crowd and that momentary panic is not something I would want to feel for a prolonged amount of time. If my kids had this device and lost sight of us, they could quickly activate the device and we could find our way to them.

“We see attacks like this all the time. It usually doesn’t turn out with a happy ending like this. That’s why we recommend personal alarms to women, seniors, and anyone wo walks or exercises regularly alone” the Officer commented.

If not for this safety device, the daughter might not be here today. She could have been trafficked or found dead in a ditch.

It would be tragic to find yourself in this situation, but having a device like the Self Defense Siren could really help the odds in an abduction, getting lost, or possibly a wild animal attack.

Unlike weapons and other defense products that can backfire or injure victims themselves, the Self Defense Siren is simple enough for a child to use and the pin doesn’t require much strength to pull out and activate the alarm.

The Self Defense Siren;

  • Emits a loud alarm at 130db
  • Flashes Bright LED lights
  • Attaches with a carabiner clip
  • Can get the attention of anyone up to 1000 feet away


“Pepper sprays are helpful but we get many calls about people setting them off by mistake and getting it on themselves” according to a Police Officer. True, who wants that mess in their car because the pepper spray container got snagged on something while trying to get out.

Because it is so effective, the Self Defense Siren is in high demand.

Safety experts and police officers are urging:

  • Women
  • Children
  • Seniors
  • Hikers, Walkers & Joggers to get one

Legal in all 50 states, TSA-friendly


Like I said above about the Story: Real or Not, I can imagine many scenarios where this $20 device would come in handy and possibly save my family from dealing with the aftermaths of a kidknapping or wild animal encounter.

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